Questions for Jesus

I’ve got a few questions that I am going to ask Jesus when I get to heaven.  I know he’ll have a lot of folks that want a few minutes of his time, but I figure on that side of eternity I’ll get my chance to ask him some things that I’ve always wanted to know. 

Who actually wrote Hebrews?

What’s it like to walk on water?  Is it squishy or does it feel pretty solid?

What were you thinking with the whole duckbilled platypus thing?

I’m sure that there are more of these kinds of questions that I’ll have to have the answers to (I am an Enquiring Mind, you know).  But more than anything, today I think I want the answer to just one question: On the days when you just wanted to give up, how did you keep going?  In John’s telling of the Story, he says that Jesus did many other things during his time on the earth so I’m sure that there were days of discouragement.  Days when he wanted to throw up his hands and quit.  Day’s when he was just sure that Peter and John and the other guys would never actually understand where he was coming from.  There had to be days like that and I want to know what “tricks” Jesus had to get him through THOSE days.

I think I want to know because today has been one of THOSE days!  Nah, nothing really tragic happened today, but it still qualifies as one of THOSE days for me.  One of those days when you question whether you’re actually cut out for the task ahead.  One of those days when you wonder if you’re really making a difference or if anyone would notice if you quietly exited stage left.  One of those days when the “to do” list is too long and the “done” list is too short.  One of those days when you’re sure that you’re speaking English to your child, but he is hearing Klingon!  Just one of THOSE days.

I know my tendency as a Christian and even more so as one of those guys that gets paid to have the answers to spiritual questions (you know, a minister) is to want to wrap it all up with a nice bow and say, “You just need to have more FAITH!”  Well, I want to know how much faith is enough???  How many points of faith do I need to get through these days?  Where do I get it?  How would I know if I’ve got it?  Is it enough just to survive the day and cover you’re head and start over again in the morning? 

Maybe that’s the point of this “spiritual life” that we lead as student-followers of Jesus.  Maybe it’s on THOSE days that we feel farthest away from God that God is the closest to us.  Maybe it’s when we’re at our messiest that Jesus can move in…not to clean things up for us, but to love us in the middle of the mess.  I think that’s called GRACE.  I know it’s called LOVE. 

Still, I want to know just how Jesus did it.  I wish John had recorded some of the “other things” that Jesus did so that I could have my answers on this side of eternity.  But I think I may be asking the wrong questions.  For me today, the question shouldn’t be WWJD, but WIJD (what IS jesus doing).  What IS he doing in the middle of my mess?  What is he leading me to?  What is he calling me to?  How can he love me in this crap that sometimes makes up my days?  I think those are better questions and they don’t have to wait until the “sweet by and by” to get the answers to.  Jesus is alive and well today and he can (and does) love me in my mess.  And at the end of one of THOSE days, that’s the truth that I’ll sleep on until tomorrow.

But I still want to know about the platypus!!!


~ by Chris Green on July 13, 2004.

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