A Little Theology

I stumbled across this article  after reading a review of it from Andrew Jones  today. 
In it Brian McLaren discusses the idea that maybe we need to be
rethinking our understanding of the Gospel itself in order to reach our
transitional culture.  He writes:

If Christianity is not primarily information about how one gets his
or her personal soul into heaven after death, then almost nobody on
earth presently seems to know what it is instead.  A tiny number
of Christian leaders (including fine bona fide evangelicals such as
Dallas Willard, Richard Foster, Bill Hull, Len Sweet, Todd Hunter, and
others) are making a daring counter proposal: perhaps the gospel has
something to do with the Kingdom of God, and perhaps the Kingdom of God
is not equal to going on to heaven after death, but rather involves
God’s will being done here on earth, in history, before death, in the
land of the living so to speak…What the emerging culture needs is
nothing less than a radical new vision of what life can be (personal
life, family life, community life, social life, global life in all its
dimensions — cultural, business, political, economic, social,
recreational, etc.).  This “vision of what life can be,” along
with a way of living that helps bring that vision into reality, is at
least a significant dimension of what I believe Jesus meant by the
phrase “Kingdom of God.”

I continue to be refreshed and challenged by the power of
God through voices like McLaren’s in todays emerging culture! 
What an amazing thought — that the Kingdom can and is being
experienced to the full here and now, that there’s more to salvation
that fire insurance for eternity, that the Gospel is more than just an
equation that must be worked out in the right manner to get my butt
into heaven!!!  Amazing!

If that way of thinking is true (SAID
TONGUE-DEEPLY-IN-CHEEK), and if it catches on (SAID WITH A PRAYER) then
everything that we experience in today’s version
of Christianity changes.  Family life becomes less about
playing the right roles, doing the right things, and achieving the
right milestones and more about living out God’s grace and mercy in
relationships in a fallen world.  Which means that the
conversations with my spouse actually are a part of God’s Story that
has been in place from the beginning.  We spend our days in
“storied living” and “story telling” as Charlie Peacock says in his
newest book (A New Way to Be Human).  Everything is seasoned by
the Kingdom because we experience and live in and through the

(Maybe my “theologian” friends were right…THIS stuff can be fun!)

Enjoy the Journey!


~ by Chris Green on August 13, 2004.

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