A Little Church

Went to church last night and had a great time!  I know that
sounds strange for a Friday night, but that’s what happened…we had
church!  No we didn’t go to a building with a steeple and
pews.  We didn’t have a sermon.  There was no “church
talk.”  Nobody even mentioned a contribution!  But we had

We went out to a GREAT dinner with some close friends.  We
communed together over delicious food and drink.  We had
conversation that drew us closer together as friends and co-followers
of Jesus on this journey of life.  We enjoyed some good music that
washed over our conversation and seasoned it with both flavor and
texture.  We looked out over the city and watched as it
transformed from day to night.  And we capped it off with a
dessert that left a sweet flavor over the whole evening.

Why is it that most of the time we wouldn’t allow THAT to count as
church?  It is…isn’t it?  It’s a gathering of
Jesus-followers on the journey together encouraging one another,
learning more about each other, asking Jesus to be among them and
communing together over the blessings of a meal.  Sounds like Acts
2 kind of stuff to me.  I think we’ve complicated this thing
called church by “shrink wrapping” it to a building or a time on Sunday
morning.  That’s too confining for this church that Jesus
designed!  I remember something about “where 2 or more are
gathered” counting as God moving among his people.  Jesus spent
most of his “church time” in these kinds of settings.  Eating with
friends.  Drinking with disciples.  Enjoing one another and
drawing those around him into the fullness of Kingdom living. 

So to the friends that we gathered with last night, thanks for
having church with us!  To those that we will gather with in the
future…let’s let these times make us Kingdom people and let these
gatherings count as church! 

Enjoy the Journey!


~ by Chris Green on August 14, 2004.

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