Rules, Rules, Rules

Day three of the Kindergarten adventure…

It seems that the biggest fear of Kindergarteners is the fear of
somehow inadvertently breaking a rule.  That’s what the first few
days of school are all about — learning all of the rules. 
Talking to my son this morning reminded me of my own Kindergarten
days.  Sure they were days filled with glitter, construction
paper, and that little boy in my class that couldn’t stop himself from
eating glue (we all had one like that).  But I also remember the

My family made a move about halfway through my Kindergarten year so
I had the experience of being the new kid in the class.  I
remember the first day when everyone else was already up to speed on
the routine of it all and I was suddenly the outsider.  I don’t
exactly remember how it happened or even what happened, but I remember
that I did something that it wasn’t my turn to do and SHE showed
up!  A little blonde haired blue eyed girl with a pony tail. 
The kind of girl that you see on a commercial at Christmas coming down
the stairs in her Care Bear pajamas.  But this girl was
different.  She had hatred in her eyes.  Disgust
really!  She walked right up to me, looked me in the
eyes, yanked whatever toy I was holding right out of my hands, and
said with a sneer, “It’s NOT time for that right now!  Don’t you
know the RULES???” 

All of the air left my body at once.  I was stunned. 
Somehow without knowing it I HAD BROKEN A RULE!  Who knew? 
It was my first day and already I’d probably be expelled!  There
goes my future!  My plans for college down the drain!  Who
would ever hire a “rule breaker?”  I might even have to go see the
Principal!  Luckily for me my teacher was a little more gracious
than my classmates, and I was spared the death penality.  But the
fear will forever be etched in my memory along with that little girl’s
face (if I run into her on the street I’m kicking her in the shin).

As sad as that story is, I really don’t think many of us ever
outgrow that Kindergarten fear of breaking the rules.  It’s how we
approach faith even.  I talk to people every day that question,
“Does this make me a BAD PERSON?”  (That’s code for RULE
BREAKER!)  Many of us live our lives in fear that one day that
little girl is going to come around the corner and expose us for who we
really are.  We get so caught up in living life by the rule book
that we forget that there’s more to life than rules!  There’s
glitter, and construction paper, and glue (which really doesn’t taste
too bad but I wouldn’t eat it on a daily basis).  There’s
laughter, risk, pain, and joy!  And best of all we have a teacher
that looks at us and realizes that we’re doing our best to listen to
His voice, learn from Him, and grow in understanding and faith — which
is the point of life anyway whether you’re a Kindergartener or the
parent of one!

Enjoy the Journey!


~ by Chris Green on August 19, 2004.

One Response to “Rules, Rules, Rules”

  1. That freedom of worry from the rules that you were missing as a Kindergarten student is the same freedom in Christ that a lot of people miss today.I don’t think people always think about having it. I know I don’t. But when I do, that’s a really cool feeling. Very refreshing.

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