Out here all alone!

O.K. I know you’re out there!  I’ve been watching you as you’ve
visited, looked around, read, etc.  But here’s what I need you to
do…make a comment.  If something strikes you as odd — say
so.  If something reminds you of something else — tell us about
it.  I’d really like this site to be interactive but in order to
do that I need to hear from you!  What do you think about it so
far?  Is anything on this site of any use to anyone or is it just
a lesson in self-gratification?  Is it too technical?  Too
deep?  Not deep enough?  Let me hear from you!!!

Don’t make me call you down!!


~ by Chris Green on August 20, 2004.

7 Responses to “Out here all alone!”

  1. Ok, I’ve been thinking it, so here goes:Your banner makes me think of a M. Knight Shamalayan movie poster. But it’s a nice banner.(You asked.)

  2. You should’ve seen the one that I started with…let’s just say Angela laughed at me! I thought it was cool though.(By the way…I think you’re the first person to ever refer to me as “pithy.” Thanks for the interaction!)

  3. Here’s the thing on the banner… If that’s Chris, I never realized you had such child-bearing hips…

  4. I am a little overwhelmed! There is no way I can get to the greenroom every day. Besides being a little slow it takes me a while to process and gather my thoughts. I thank you though for getting this slow brain of mine interested in something besides the brainless tasks I have to do every day.

  5. Hey ac, Don’t feel too overwhelmed…it’s a come as you are when you can type of space. No pressure. For those that are having trouble keeping up I’ve put a button on the front page that allows you to subscribe to the RSS version of the site. What does that mean in plain language? It means that you can go to a site called http://www.bloglines.com and register as a user. Then you download their blog notifier so that it will tell you when this site(and other sites that you subscribe to) have been updated. Then you can go in subscribe to whatever site you want to (free) and you’ll receive a notifier that will allow you to keep up with as many blogs as your brain can handle. Several of my favorites are on the sidebar under my blogroll. If all of this is too confusing for you (it was for me at first), then just visit when you can and we’ll talk.ac, don’t give up on the “brainless tasks!” God is at work through you in those times as well!Peace to all!

  6. What do I think? I am thankful for the opportunity to read and be stimulated by everyone’s thoughts. I fun it is to be challenged to sneak outside of my box and ponder. It’s a great site with some great thoughts. Keep it up.

  7. This is new to me…(Blogging?) But I admire the idea of sharing thoughts… Recently I have been thinking about the word “Christ” and the word “Messiah”… is it possible that we have robbed Jesus of his power in our spiritual lives by thinking of him as the “Christ” rather than knowing and professing him as the “Messiah”?Be blessed…Be encouraged!!!

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