What WOULD Jesus Do?

The following passage is a modern re-write of John
8.  Got to thinking about this after reading an article that I
can’t find now for the life of me.  So if the hat-tip belongs to
you…here it is!

Jesus came back into the city and was
hanging out near the church.  A group of self-righteous Christian
leaders brought to him a man who was a known and obvious
homosexual.  They brought him to Jesus during the election year
and asked, “Jesus, how do you feel about the Marriage
Ammendment?”  They were using this question as a trap knowing that
if Jesus was for the Marriage Ammendment then he was obviously AGAINST
this man, and if he was against the Marriage Ammendment then he was
obviously not welcome in this church because he supported the gay

Jesus, knowing that they were not
thinking clearly and acting like those that have any idea about the
true meaning of the Gospel, bent down to tie his shoes.  They
continued to press him, asking him to give them a position paper on his
views of homosexuals.  Jesus responded by saying, “If you’ve
actually lived a perfect life and never ever ever messed up, not even
in the least little way, not even a little white lie, or just a little
bit of lust…then you can stick around and beat up on this guy with
your words.”  Then he bent down to tie the other shoe.

One by one, those that were so
self-righteous before began to realize how pitiful they were when their
own lives where examined in the Light of the Gospel and they decided to
go into the church to make themselves feel better.  Jesus stood
and looked at the man who was feeling a little out of place in front of
the church and said, “Looks like I’m the only one who fits the bill,
huh!  The only one here who’s lived that kind of life is me. 
I’m not going to stand here and give you the sermon.  I love you
too much for that.   Let’s take a walk and let me tell you
about how much I love you and see if I can’t help you live a life of

At times I  think we’ve decided  for ourselves how
Jesus would respond without actually letting him respond through us…


~ by Chris Green on October 7, 2004.

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