Where is the Love?

       From “Where is the Love?” by the Black Eyed Peas:

WhereIsTheLove.jpg    People killin’, people dyin’

Children hurt and you hear them cryin’

Can you practice what you preach

And will you turn the other cheek

Father, Father, Father help us

Send us some guidance from above

‘Cause people got me, got me questionin’

Where is the Love??

    This seems like a
great question for us today: Where is the Love?  It’s the same
question that was raised recently at the Such Small Hands Blog
— are we good lovers?  I came to a realization yesterday that my
focus has been wrong in a lot of ways.  I spend a great deal of
time talking about the problems in the world, the church, and even in
my own spiritual walk, but spend very little time working toward
positive solutions. 
    As I thought about that, I pondered a bit about
Jesus and his life here on this planet.  He came as a human child
and grew up in a culture that was just as screwed up as mine. 
Governments were at war.  Power, greed, sexual immorality, and
basic human selfishness ran rampant.  As he grew up he must have
listened in as the adults around him fussed about the immorality in the
Roman government.  He must have heard them rail and rant about how
the system of religion with all of its rules and regulations was
squeezing the life out of them.  He must have watched as they
surrendered their spirits in defeat to the “powers that be” and held
little hope for Messiah to show up and kick some Roman butt in their
    But how did he respond?  I don’t see him doing
a whole lot of deconstruction talk.  He doesn’t gather with His
friends and talk about the “unspiritual ones” or the need for
governmental reform.  He simply introduces them to Love — up
close and personal.  He jumped right into the middle of the mess
and started a revolution of Love.  No, it wasn’t always that warm
fuzzy kind of feeling that we think about when we think of love. 
Every once in a while Love poked them in the chest and called them
white-washed tombs, or Love took out a whip and cleared the
Temple.  But Love also spoke life where there was death, spoke
healing where there was sickness, spoke comfort where there was pain,
and spoke love where there was apathy.
    So the question for Love’s followers is simple
today: Where is the love?  We can talk all day until we’re blue in
the face about what’s wrong with the government, the church, our
friends, our families and even the state of our own hearts, but we’ve
got to move beyond these words to begin reshaping life in the image of
Love.  We talk of “living the story” and the core of  this
Story is love lived out in everyday, goofy, mixed up, screwed up,
fallen, weird people like you and me (o.k. those words are more
descriptive of me than you, maybe).
    So today I’m going to experiment.  I’m
watching.  I want to see Love.  I want to see it lived
out.  I want to notice and have my breath taken away and shout
“There It is!  There’s Love!”  I want to notice people
sharing out of Love rather than obligation.  I want to see people
helping out of Love rather than guilt.  I want to hear people
conversing out of Love rather than frustration.  And I want to be
a part of the solution…because I KNOW I’m part of the problem!
    Lord, help me to love today…

~ by Chris Green on October 27, 2004.

One Response to “Where is the Love?”

  1. Funny, love, according to Jesus is the “goal” of the spiritual life. I imagine Jesus may not even use the word “spiritual”. Love is the goal of life. Love God, love others and love ourselves. We put emphahsis on many things in our spiritual journey– truth, morality, prayer etc… yet, Jesus said the greatest command is to love. Paul said, we are loud gongs and clanging cymbals without love. I’ve been thinking about blogging on this topic. Thanks for the great post. You gave me much to think about.Peace,Rick

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