Rain, Rain, Go Away

rainy days.jpg   
“Dad, I think that we should pray for God to stop the rain.” 
That’s how Taylor started this morning’s drive-to-school-talk. 
Seemed like a good idea to me so I asked him to say the prayer since
it’s not usually recommended that one closes their eyes when they are
driving in the rain (or in the sunshine, for that matter).  So
Taylor asked God to stop the rain for a little while and we had a great
talk rain and God and where we fit in the equation.  (If God
didn’t make it rain…we’d need more waterhoses to reach all of the
    As usual, my son got me to thinking this
morning.  What’s my theology of rain?  Here in West Texas
over the past few years there hasn’t been much need for a theology of
rain because, frankly, there hasn’t been much rain.  We’ve been in
a drought since I moved to this part of the country 8 years ago
now.  And now we are officially experiencing the wettest year on
record for Lubbock.  What’s the point?  What purpose does it
all serve?  I have heard people over the past 8 years gathering to
“break the drought through prayer.”  Now I hear those same people
gathering to remind God to turn the water off.  “Yes God, we know
we ASKED for it, but could you spread it out a little.”
    As Taylor and I were talking, my little theologian
reminded me that it was God’s idea to make rain.  Seems like a
pretty neat idea.  I was reminded, once again, that God is
creative and caring and completely in control.  Whether I’m
enjoying it or not, we live in a place that needs water in a bad
way.  God is sovereign.  He’ll know when to turn off the
faucet.  The whole thing WAS his idea. 

Don’t worry about your life, what you will eat or drink, or about your body, what you will wear (or whether it rains or shines)…but seek first his kingdom and his righteousness and all these things will be added unto you.”

But it would still be O.K. with us if You turned off the water, God…there’s a Kindergartner that’s missing recess outside!


~ by Chris Green on November 16, 2004.

2 Responses to “Rain, Rain, Go Away”

  1. Children have a way of getting the point ofen much better than adults.:)Thanks!Rick

  2. We had the rain-going-to-school thing going on this morning. Kindegartner didn’t want to wear a rain coaty

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