Ciào from Roma!

Greetings from Rome!  We’ve covered a lot of ground so far.  We spent several days in Rothenburg, Germany working with military and missionary families at a retreat.  It seemed like the retreat was a big highlight of the year for these families.  I spent the late-night sessions working through a marriage enrichment class.  We had a great time, and Rothenburg is a “must see” for anyone that goes to visit Germany.

We left Rothenburg and went to spend a day in Munich.  We were able to see the town as they prepared for the Christmas market.  Christmas market is a big deal in Germany!  Looks like a lot of fun!  We took the night train from Munich to Florence and spent the next day seeing as much as possible in Florence.  This is another amazing European city.  So much art and history.  The people were great and the Tuscan steak that we had was off the charts!

Now we’re in Rome.  We spent the day learning the public transportation system (a little frustrating at times for those of us who are used to cars) and seeing a few of the sights.  We saw the Forum and the Capital building.  If you didn’t know it was built a few thousand years ago you would swear that it belongs in Vegas!  It was amazing.  Pictures don’t do anything justice from here.

Tomorrow we tour the Vatican which has been promised to take the entire day here.  Then the next day we take a tour of all of the historical sites in Rome.  The city is so full of history that you have to take a tour (or have a degree in Roman History) to take it all in.  We’ll spend one more day in Florence and then it’s back to Munich for our return trip.  We miss everybody (especially our little ones) and hope to see you all soon.  For now, keep us in your prayers for safe travel.  God is proving his “bigness” over and over on this trip!  More about that later, though.  Peace to you all!

Ciào from Roma!!!


~ by Chris Green on November 26, 2004.

One Response to “Ciào from Roma!”

  1. I am envious! I love Rome!!! 🙂 Think of ll the history of our church that stems from that region. Awesome.Blessings,Rick

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