Strange Reactions

O.K. Hear me out here…I want to say this the right way but it will be difficult because I’m a little confused.

Why is it that I, as a spectator in my living room, have more of an emotional reaction to the death of say…Reggie White or Jerry Orbach…than I do to the devastating news of the tsunami death toll.  Again, don’t hear me wrong here.  I’m deeply saddened by the tragedy in Asia and pray that God will protect the survivors from disease and further problems.  But my question is about the initial, gut-level, reaction.  I almost felt ill when I heard that Reggie White died at 43.  The Minister of Defense!  No Way!  But I still don’t have the same reaction when I hear about over 100,000 people dying.

I think it’s got something to do with the digital culture that we live in these days.  I sit in my nice quiet living room and watch this stuff happen on CNN the same way I would watch a movie like “Day After Tomorrow” and see the main character outrun a tsunami coming down on New York city.  It just doesn’t register.  But with guys like Reggie and Jerry who’ve been in my living room for years with me through the power of entertainment, I get a little choked up.  How desensitized is that?  Maybe my New Year’s resolution should be to watch less T.V.

Somebody please tell me I’m not crazy!  (Or at least, not REALLY crazy!)


~ by Chris Green on December 31, 2004.

3 Responses to “Strange Reactions”

  1. Craziness has nothing to do with it. You connect with Reggie White because you rooted for the Packers, Eagles when he played. He was just a joy to watch. You invested your feelings in him. I felt the same way when the earthquake happened in El Salvador several years ago. I feel it when I hear or see something happen in Amarillo that I have a vested interest in. It is just the old sentimental thing happening. Now about the crazy thing. I never thought you crazy but jealous cause the voices only talk to me.

  2. I think it hasto do with personal or intimate knowledge. You have made some personal connection with these people or characters. Think about it that is why some people can kill their child in the womb but would never think of it once they actually see the child. Also, that is why God says “I knew you in your mother’s womb”. I had personal knowledge when no one else does.brad

  3. I feel you, man. I can’t really offer you any kind of reasoning behind it, but I feel the same way. I have grown feeling numb to death of any kind and it seems many others of my generation have the same feeling. It’s mostly confusion, like you mentioned, I just don’t know what to feel.We can pray and make a difference anyway, praise God!Keep the thoughts coming, I enjoy reading.

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