Happy Blogaversery to Me!

As of this week, I’ve been blogging six-months!  I realize that’s
just a baby in blogdom, but it seems like it’s been longer than
that.  I’ve registered just over 26,000 hits in those six months
(no, not ALL of them are my own).  I’ve had amazing conversations
with people that I’ve never actually “met” and realized that God’s
Kingdom is much bigger than many of us give it credit for.  I can
sit in my office and talk emerging church issues with guys in Canada,
Australia, England, and South Texas.  I also get to have
conversations with people here that I know in the “real world” and we
get to challenge each other as we seek Kingdom together. 

So…that’s what I’m thinking about today.  Nothing too
deep.  Just pretty impressed with this whole medium and the
potential it has for a new community and great conversation.  Not
sure where I’ll go this next year with this site (probably many more
new templates, for sure), but I’m enjoying it even if I’m the only

Blog on!


~ by Chris Green on January 5, 2005.

3 Responses to “Happy Blogaversery to Me!”

  1. Happy half-year anniversary! And you are not the only one enjoying it. Keep up the good blogging.

  2. happy blogaversary indeed!

  3. Happy blogaversary. I look forward to many more months of many, many more posts.

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