Are You Having Kingdom Influence?

So everybody is talking about the Larry King conversation with some
folks that made the list of Time’s “25 most influential evangelicals in
America.”  There are some good posts going up (read Kevin’s
here) so I won’t get into the conversation about the actual interview
— since I was watching a recorded episode of Extreme Makeover: Home
Edition (GREAT SHOW but it makes my wife cry EVERY time…within the
first 30 seconds).  Anyway…

My question has more to do with the concept of “25 most influential
evangelicals in America.”  (By the way, doesn’t Pastor Rick look
good with the facial hair?)  My concern is this…do you think
Jesus would have made the list
?  Don’t hear this wrong.  I’ve
seen the list and the folks on the list are awesome and doing some
great ministry.  But I wonder how many of us that weren’t on the
list (I think I’m number 1,692,384,678 in terms of INFLUENCE) aspire to
be on the list?  Or at least look on these kinds of lists in awe
of those that are the real influencers?

Where is the list of the Top 25 Kingdom People?
  The obscure
servants who heal the sick, touch the AIDS patient, work with the
single parent moms to get them off of welfare, serve in the nursery
EVERY Sunday morning.  Jesus would make the list of top 25
Influencers of All Time, I’m sure, but he did it without mass media,
without a foundation backing him, without a great publishing deal,
without a home, without a car, etc.  He called on his followers to
serve, to sacrifice, to take the bad seat at the party.  He washed
feet to change the minds of his followers and hung on a tree to change
the destiny of the planet…would that make our lists?

Again, don’t hear me “bashing” anybody.  I’m writing to
encourage.  There are a lot of people out there that I know that
are doing Jesus-style ministry.  They don’t get in front of big
crowds.  They don’t make millions on book sales.  They wash
feet, feed hungry people, love the unloveables, and are always ready
with a cup of cold water.  And at times this ministry is
frustrating because nobody recognizes them — except Jesus.  So
don’t worry if you didn’t make “the list,” what’s important is that
you’re a Kingdom influencer.


~ by Chris Green on February 2, 2005.

6 Responses to “Are You Having Kingdom Influence?”

  1. I don’t read anything antagonistic at all in your post, Chris. The truth is encouraging!At my core I desire to really get down to the business of Jesus — I even understand it pretty well. I’m just too much of a weeny to act. :-)Thanks for keeping us thinking, bro.

  2. Great thoughts. Those people will one day get their recognition when it really matters, but it would be nice to see that more often. I just like the fact that an article like this is in a magazine of this stature and it doesn’t cast a negative view of Christians…even if it isn’t me and my amazing youth ministry skills on display!!!Extreme Home Makeover is awesome!!!! Thanks for the plug for my site. Now more than 4 people will see it!

  3. Excellent post! Giving a cup of cold water might not get your(my) name on a list, but it does make a difference… especially to the person receiving the water! … and it so pleases our Father!

  4. I hear ya! I read the articles and thought the same thing. I really like McLaren, but I know he himself doesn’t like the “leader of the emergent movement” label.I guess we just have to take these things with a grain of salt. The world measures influence in terms of nickels, noses and newsworthiness. However these factors don’t factor in true Kingdom influence a lot, if not most of the time.I read it and say thank goodness there’s some Godly people that are still seen as positive influence in our world. ed

  5. I have to ask, Would Jesus Made the List?Great post, great!Rick

  6. Chris- Great post! I skimmed the arlticle just the otherday and the only thought that came to my mind was “Would Jesus create such a list?” I think the majority of individuals on thelist are servants as well though and certainly the article aboutpositive people rather than televangelist embezzlement is certainlysomewhat encouraging.

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