Whatcha Thinkin?

I’ve got some really random
thoughts going through my head today (I think it’s either due to the
pizza at lunch or the sinus headache, but I’m not sure).  Here
they are in no particular order — which is how they arrived:

  • Church people take life too seriously.  Smile, Jesus loves you.  No, really.  Smile!
  • It’s probably not a good idea to engage in public speaking when on antihistamine.
  • Cici’s Pizza rocks!
  • Am I really doing ministry or am I just working?
  • I hope I don’t get fired for THIS lesson (recurring thought every time I speak).
  • Menu for the day: Breakfast — None, Lunch — Pizza and lots of
    it, Afternoon snack — milkshake, Dinner — pie.  Thought: Why am
    I NOT losing weight?
  • I wish I were in Florence, Italy right now!
  • I need to buy some CD’s: Alanis Morisette, Kayne West, Eminem, and Black Eyed Peas (for those that want to send me a gift).  And yes, I DO listen to Christian music too!  Just not exclusively.
  • My throat hurts!
  • My head hurts!
  • My muscles hurt — I tried to get a week’s worth of exercise done on Monday and haven’t been back since.
  • I wish they paid people for just raising their kids!
  • I need gas in my car, again.
  • I need more time for reading and less time in meetings.
  • I wonder if I really do have A.D.D.
  • Why is it that I blog?
  • Why is it that I like to blog?
  • What’s the purpose of this blog?
  • If you say the word blog enough times it sounds really stupid!
  • Can an institutional church REALLY change?
  • Do I want to spend my conference money here?
  • I need a haircut (in a bad way).
  • Spammers suck!
  • Jesus really was a COOL guy to hang out with — the more I get to know Him the more I like him.
  • Facial hair or no facial hair?
  • I hope the boys sleep through the night tonight.
  • I hope I sleep through the night tonight.
  • This is my newest blogroll link.
  • If you can commit adultery with your eyes, does that mean you can get visual AIDS?
  • O.K. I didn’t really think that one — but it’s a good question!
  • I need a vacation.
  • And some Nyquil.
  • And possibly some therapy.

O.K. Those are my thought for the day (if you’re confused now…you
should try living like this).  What are you thinking?  I’d
like to know.  ;^)


~ by Chris Green on February 17, 2005.

6 Responses to “Whatcha Thinkin?”

  1. What do the sheep do while the shepherd blogs?Did Jesus ever write anything?What would Jesus blog? (WWJB?)

  2. 2 random thoughts…Why don’t you have it so that people who post have the option to remember their info so they don’t have to input it every time :)Why does sour cream have an expiry date? Only the second was inspired by the post, the first is what I think every time I post.On the post though…visual aids…interesting

  3. Why can’t everyday feel like Friday?Why doesn’t someone invent refueling for a car like mid-air refuels for a planeWhy can’t I lose weight like I did when I was 25Why do I really like black coffee.My shoulder hurts from 4 straight days of tennisI don’t want to work on files todayWhy can’t spell check “learn” the word blogWhy have I not finished the book I started 3 weeks agoWhy do I start 3 other books while reading oneWhy do I comment on blogs?What’s up with list lately?

  4. After reading your list, one single thought remained — ironically, in response to one of your ponderings: Like me, you do,indeed, have A.D.D.!Blessings, bro-Jeremy

  5. Random reply:ed — on the login issues — I’m not as technical as some, but it doesn’t seem to be an option at squarespace. I’ll look into it. ANd on the sour cream issue — I don’t know but I like it on my mexican food so it can’t be all bad.Donna — BLACK coffee – sick! Diet Coke — ahhh! I like my caffeine on ice most of the time.Jeremy — the A.D.D. issue is one of those joking truths that I probably should take more seriously — instead I think I’ll just dring more Diet Coke and blog — cheaper than therapy and medication!Peace to all!

  6. Who was the first person to look at a cow and say “I think I’m gonna squeeze that little dangly thing and drink whatever comes out.”?How ’bout the one who looked at a chicken and decided to eat the next thing that came out of its butt?Have you ever heard of the “fifth third bank”? They exist in Michigan. Think about it for a second… It’s not a fraction, it’s far from first… I have no idea. There’s a whole chain of ’em with that name. I wonder if the specify which one they are… “the first fifth third bank,” the second fifth third bank, etc…Wierd people do wierd things. At least I know I do.Nice Post.-Stevish

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