Change Ideas???

I’m thinking about changing some things around a bit here.  I
started this whole blogging adventure a little over 10 months ago and
I’ve learned a lot since then.  I’m FAR from being a big-dog in
blogdom (and, no, I’m not looking for that), but I think some changes
are in order and I’d like to hear any feedback from you that you
have.  Here are the things I’m thinking…

Technology — I’m not up on several of the services out there, but I’m
wondering if there is a reason for me to switch from Squarespace. 
I like what I see on Type-Pad sites, but I’m a HTML disaster!  How
technical is it?  Are there other possibilities out there (although
I’m not a huge fan of blogger — except for the price)?   Don’t
get me wrong, I’m pretty satisfied with Squarespace…but I like to
keep my options open. ;^)

Design — I’ve played with the design on this site for months. 
I’m still not totally satisfied with it, but I haven’t found a template
that I really like.  If you have any thoughts on what you look for
in a well-designed blog, I’d like to know!

Name — I’m pretty sick of the “ourgreenroom” tag.  I started this
site as what was potentially a collaborative effort, but my co-laborers
haven’t jumped into blogging yet.  I’m looking for something that
is more personal, but I’m short on ideas. 

I’m open to suggestions on almost anything.  I’ve even thought
about shutting the whole thing down and starting over somewhere else,
or not at all.  Still trying to find my niche.  Let me know
what you think.


~ by Chris Green on April 6, 2005.

8 Responses to “Change Ideas???”

  1. I have a blog at Blogspot. I think it is a google thing. For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to post my photo on my profile. Other that that, it is user friendly, but I am by no means into hyper text protocols and urls! LOLI think your blog looks good and I like all the other blog lins over there —>I also like the your name as we all are in the green room of life waiting to stand before the Lord.

  2. Change it around if you like but please don’t leave the blogosphere.The look is pretty good at the moment and I don’t mind the name.18 months down the track I think I would probably do things differently if I started my own blog again but it is what it is and I’m happy with what I’ve achieved.

  3. the problem with your site is that it needs more color. you should add some neon colors or something. and your name should be uhh…um… “crunk daddy” …uh yeah…thats a good one…since you have 2 kids and all.okbye

  4. “Crunk Daddy?” I guess that’s better than your other suggestion of balloons and bubbles! What you need, ab, is a hobby, you’ve got WAY too much time on your hands!

  5. You are NOT leaving the blogsphere! So get over that! You can add a little color if you want and I think a name that says what is on your heart instead of a descritption of who you are is in order. You bless me too much with your perspective on Christ and the church to stop sharing your gift with all of us.

  6. dont worry i only read your site when im at school, in class and bored out of my gizzards.haha gizzards.thats a funny word.okbye

  7. color your world any ole color you like, your blog as well, We just like to read what you have to say, the rest is just “fluff”

  8. Well, it’s your lucky day! I just started a web design and hosting company ( ), so I can give you my “professional” opinion:Like the commenter above, I believe content is the king (or queen). So, I personally care about making the content as accessible as possible. The rest is fluff…but important fluff. It’s the stuff that determines whether people can actually read your content and how they can interact with it.Blogging software: I love WordPress ( )! I did a lot of research when considering a blog and found WordPress to be the best free option for me. It’s open source and has a great community behind it. Since I’ve started using it, I just find more reasons I like it over other software out there.The only thing with using WordPress is that you need to host it yourself. This means more control and usually more money. I could give a plug for my hosting, but instead, if you write me an email ( ), I can do some research on free options out there for ya.Web design: You can pay a lot of money to have your site designed and there are reasons to do that. Doing it yourself is definitely cheaper, though. In my opinion, “keep it simple”. Ask yourself and others how they like the general look and feel and most importantly, whether your content is easy to read.Keep the content coming!

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