Change the World — Lose Some Weight!!

Chris Gonzales
has issued a challenge!  And Angela and I are on board!  The
challenge is this — lose weight!  I know, it’s a challenge for
all of us, but he’s doing it a different way. 

First, his motivation is for the best of causes —World Vision
World Vision is ” a Christian relief and development organization
dedicated to helping children and their communities worldwide reach
their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty.”  World vision is attempting to change the world! 
They are doing it by feeding kids, helping communities, education, and
lots of other ways, but when it all comes down to it they are taking on
a HUGE challenge and changing the world by doing it!

That’s where Chris’ challenge comes in!  He’s calling it 40 Days of Fat.  If you want to know more about 40 Days of Fat click here
The idea is this:  For every pound of weight you lose, donate a
certain amount to World Vision.  For every mile you walk/run/bike
during the 40 days, donate a certain amount to World Vision.  For
every push-up and sit-up you do, donate a certain amount to world
vision.  And for every belt-notch/dress-size you lose…you
guessed it…donate a certain amount to World Vision.  It’s that
simple.  You decide how much you’re able to donate and set a goal
for yourself.  Here’s ours (we’re doing it together as a couple):

For every pound lost — $3 goes to World Vision
For every mile — 10 cents goes to World Vision
For every push-up — one cent goes to World Vision
For every sit-up — one cent goes to World Vision
For every belt notch/dress size — $25 goes to World Vision

The Second thing that I like about what
Chris is doing is that he is blogging about it!  There’s strength
in numbers and the blog community is well connected.  Chris has
already had interest from 18 COUNTRIESChris Gonzales is attempting to change the world! 
So for those that read this blog, I’m continuing in the spirit of the
challenge!  Show your support for Chris!  Blog about
it!  Get involved!  If you’re already skinny, just send your
donation directly to World Vision and order a pizza!

Now for the hard part!  I’m putting it in writing that I’m on a
diet as of May 1!  I’m putting it in writing for the whole world
to see that my wife is on a diet beginning May 1!  I’ll post my
beginning weight on that day and keep track from there.  I will not post my wife’s beginning weight!  I’m not STUPID! 
But I am calling her out right here!  Angela, you need to
BLOG!  I’ll expect a link to show up in the comments soon!  I
love you, and I know other people would benefit from hearing from you
— even if it’s just me!  I know it will be hard at first with a
2-year-old tugging on your leg, but you can do it!  He’s gotta
sleep sometime!

Now let it be known — Chris and Angela Green are attempting to change the world…and
their waistlines!  Between now and May 1 my major goal is to kick
the caffeine addiction.  I’m on day 4 with no Diet-Coke so don’t
mess with me!  I’ll be better soon!  No, I’m not one of those
people that think Diet-Coke causes MS or makes holes in your brain…I
just know that I’m addicted and I don’t like that fact so I’m doing
something about it. 

So the challenge continues…what are you doing to change the world?


~ by Chris Green on April 11, 2005.

3 Responses to “Change the World — Lose Some Weight!!”

  1. Chris & Angela, I’m stoked that you’re both jumping in on 40 Days of Fat. If you all e-mail me with a mailing address I’ll send you a free copy of my book, “Homefront: Marriage-Family-Culture.”

  2. i would but my mom would think i was anorexic so i wont. but im proud of yall for doing it.although i dont think yall have much to loose. so dont yall be going anorexic on me.ok well have a nice day!!!!

  3. Good to hear this. Im praying about it, and ive got my friends/peers praying about it too. I want to know if this is something i should do, so im calling upon the Almighty for this one. God bless!

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