A Good Day and Some Good Blogging

Random updates from a day of travel…
…I hate airports!
…I hate waiting in lines!
…I really hate weather delays and the pilot saying, “we’re in for a bumpy ride.”

But, on the upside I made it here.  The in-flight movie was “Elektra!”  And I got an upgrade on my car rental!

When I got here I drove to the church
just to make sure I knew where I would be going tomorrow.  As I
drove onto the campus I realized that Tuesday’s were the nights for 722
(North Point’s College/Young Adults gathering).  I decided to
sneak in the back and be a fly on the wall.  It was evident that
God is moving among Young Adults in Atlanta and He’s using Louie Giglio
to speak to them.  Good stuff!

Toward the end of the worship time, I realized that I had not eaten lunch and was beginning to get a little hungry!  P.F. Chang’s did the trick!  I ate until the pain made me stop!  Kung Pao Chicken RULES!

That’s all of the update from here…more tomorrow after the first day
of the conference.  But I also wanted to share some good blogging
that’s going on out there.  Some of these folks are new friends
that I’ve only recently met and wanted to share their thoughts with
you.  Others I wanted to point out because they made me think
(which at this time of night is difficult).

Rick at newlifeemerging always makes me think.
Keith Brenton has one of the greatest blog titles of all time…not to mention some really good thoughts.
Donna is back from vacation!  Welcome back to the blogosphere!
Cheesehead is asking the right questions to the right people.
Wade has a great series on emerging churches of christ.
And in that same vein Chris Gonzales teaches what it means to become unchurched.
Finally, my new favorite blog in terms of design belongs to four kids and a dog.

There’s a lot of other great blogging going on out there, but it’s late
and I’ve got to have some brain power to do a day of conference

Peace to all!


~ by Chris Green on April 27, 2005.

6 Responses to “A Good Day and Some Good Blogging”

  1. Four kids and a dog is quite impressive in style. Nice blogs you mentioned on there.

  2. where are you? in order for a movie in the plane it has to be a long flight. are you back in europe? man on our way back i watched 4 movies! the plane was 13 hrs long.how long was yours on the way back?

  3. Enjoy!!! Glad to see you blogging again – and thanks for introducing me (us) to some other bloggers! PEACE!!!!

  4. Chris,Welcome back brother. I appreciate your openness and God hungry approach to life. It is refreshing.

  5. Louie Giglio, one of my favourite speakers – Andy Stanley, right up there…the rest of the gang at NP – top notch. It’s always refresshing to take in 7:22. Have a great day bud…ed

  6. Thanks for the mention, Chris! Too bad I can’t take credit for the design.

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