Moving Week(s)

Not much time for blogging these days.  We’re officially moving
our church from our old location to our new building on the southeast
side of town.  Life will be crazy for a few weeks (months) until
we find all of our stuff.  It’s a lot like moving from one house
to another with your family — only this family has 1200 members and 42
years worth of stuff collected in the old building.  The next few
weeks will be an interesting study in how people handle change. 
So far everything has been good.  I’ll report later on my people
watching.  Oh well, there’s a box to be moved somewhere that has
my name on it so I’ll check back in as time allows.  Peace to all!


~ by Chris Green on June 16, 2005.

2 Responses to “Moving Week(s)”

  1. I was going to offer to come help move, couldn’t figure out where exactly you were from, but read Angela’s “about me” and found out. Sorry Lubbock is not driving distance from ALABAMA!! But good luck with all that!

  2. Check out all the pictures on my blog. I think you will be impressed with all the help and all the different people who helped pack and unpack and all the different people who were there Sunday.

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