Catchin’ Up With Jesus

I spent some time this weekend catching up with Jesus.  No, it wasn’t in hours of prayer or Bible study and I didn’t spend my time at another conference.  But I did catch up with Jesus in some new and interesting places…

 Our first encounter was in Tyler, Texas.  There he used a church, a great brother-in-law, a generous donation, and a forklift to put almost 4000 bottles of water in the back of a 16 foot flat-bed.  I never knew Jesus could operate a forklift!

 The next meeting was on the roads of northern Louisiana.  He honked and waved as he realized the mission we were on.  Sometimes he was in a "normal" car and at other times he got in the driver’s seat of a U-Haul that was loaded down with supplies.  I think I even saw him heading up a convoy of military personnel.  Jesus looked good in camouflage.

We caught up to each other again as we sought refuge for the night after a long drive.  This time he was wearing a nightgown and looked a lot like a grandmother opening her home for two night-owls.  He gave us a warm bed and a good night’s sleep.  Jesus tends to be a good host!

After a quick trip to Gulfport, MS we reunited across the street from the First Baptist Church of Gulfport.  He said his name was Brian and he asked if he could pray for us, but I’m convinced that it was just another disguise.  "Brian" left to tend to his flock and took a little water with him, but I think he did more ministering to us than we did for him.

Almost as soon as that truck pulled off, Jesus showed up in a U-Haul claiming to be from Northern Arkansas!  He said he’d found an apartment complex that nobody had been to and that they needed water in a bad way.  We followed him through the streets of Gulfport and then helped him pass water bottles to thirsty babies.  I think they got what they needed most…and so did I.

That’s when Jesus showed up in an amazing way!  One of the ladies (a 40-ish, heavy set, African-American woman) walked up with her family.  She was telling us a little bit about her story and as she did she noticed that her shoes were untied.  "I’m so tired now…if I get down there to tie them I’ll never get up," she sighed.  Then Jesus did what he does best — without even thinking, he bent down and tied her shoes for her!  I saw the lady’s eyes fill with tears and her emotions got the best of her as she hugged Jesus for quite some time!  As they finished their embrace, I noticed that Jesus looked a whole lot like my very own bride this time.  And I realized that he’d been there all along. 


~ by Chris Green on September 7, 2005.

5 Responses to “Catchin’ Up With Jesus”

  1. That is great! Are you familiar with Steven Curtis Chapman’s song “The face of Jesus”? If not look it up.

  2. Aww Chris, if you were looking for Jesus, you should have asked. I could have told you that it must have been an oversight on your part because he is there in your bathroom mirror every morning. I know because I have seen him wearing your face many times.

  3. You made me cry…

  4. i got out of that psychos class.

  5. What a beautiful thing to see Christ reflected in those closest to our hearts. He has blessed you.

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