Whatcha been up to?

Ahhh….the blog.  The one thing that I haven’t been able to bring myself to do for the past several months.  Too much going on, ya know?  But I’ve had several people ask me lately what I’ve been up to so tonight I decided to make a list of things that have happened in the past six months (in no particular order).  Hopefully, once that’s done, I will have caught up with myself and I’ll be able to get back to processing life through the blog world.  Here goes…

  • Lost a job.
  • Sold a house.
  • Threw away a bunch of junk.
  • Moved.
  • Left behind the best neighbors anybody could ask for.
  • Said lots of good-byes.
  • Shed a lot of tears.
  • Said a lot of words that should never be repeated (but thought even more…)
  • Lost several "so called" friends.
  • Realized that I had a LOT of TRUE friends.
  • Enrolled in 4 grad school classes.
  • Dropped 3.
  • Kept 1.
  • Still working on it.
  • Paid off a BUNCH of debt.
  • Started a new business.
  • Got a little new debt.
  • Created a web site…haven’t launched it yet.
  • Started another accreditation program.
  • Became a high-school teacher.
  • A FRENCH teacher, that is…
  • No, I don’t know any French.
  • Moved again.
  • UPSTAIRS…just me and Angela hauling everything we own up 20 stairs…yes I counted every time!
  •  (I’ll never do that again!)
  • Cried some more.
  • Was offered a full-time teaching job.
  • Will be a teacher next year.
  • Mr. Green…I’m still not used to that yet!
  • Went "church shopping" for the first time.
  • Still looking…
  • Not sure what for yet, but still looking…
  • Started training for a marathon.
  • Read a lot!
  • Too much, based on the number of book boxes I carried!
  • Learning a new business.
  • Got a new desk, new phone, new keyboard, and a cable modem.
  • (Don’t ever use this cable company for your internet provider…the technicians had the IQ of a box of rocks!)
  • Reconnected with some old friends.
  • Made some new ones.
  • Got an I-pod!
  • Loaded it with everything from James Taylor to Eminem to Frank Sinatra to Kid’s Bop.
  • No…the Kid’s Bop is actually for the kids!  The rest are mine!
  • Still trying to find true North.
  • Bought some new shoes…at a running store!
  • You can tell a lot from a persons shoes.
  • Ran a 10K!
  • Finished! (I beat ONE guy in my age group, but I think he was running backwards!)
  • Played one round of golf  – (IN 6 MONTHS…I’M GETTING THE SHAKES!  HELP ME!!!!)
  • Shaved my hair.
  • Grew it out…now I’m trying to grow it LONG.
  • Which means it touches my ears now.
  • We’ll see how long that lasts!
  • Man I’m getting old.
  • Watched my wife heal instantly.
  • Watching her grow EVERY day.
  • She’s more amazing now than ever!
  • Got rid of cable TV and got satellite.
  • Best decision ever!
  • "My Name is Earl" is the best show on TV!
  • I go to bed too late.
  • Get up too early.
  • Eat too much.
  • Sought help for all of the crying.
  • Still working on that.
  • Sent my youngest to school for the first time
  • He loves it.
  • His parents still don’t like it.
  • I think a LOT.
  • Daydream a little.
  • Mostly about having 5 minutes to say a few choice words to a few choice people…(you know who you are).
  • Snap back to reality.
  • Cry some more.
  • Notice more gray hair these days.
  • Notice more of everything these days.
  • Flowers, trees, chocolate, the lake near my apartment,  my kids, my wife, and God.
  • Learning to be still.
  • Not good at it yet.
  • Not sure if I ever will be, but I need to learn.
  • Still growing.
  • Evolving.
  • Becoming.
  • More about that later…
  • Going to bed.
  • Good-night!

~ by Chris Green on April 13, 2006.

6 Responses to “Whatcha been up to?”

  1. Good to hear from you again! I miss you ! Wow… can’t believe you did the run, that’s pretty amazing…Mr. Green 🙂 Keep up the blogging ! Love and prayers, JZ

  2. Doing the same here in Midland.Job loss, again.Pain, tears, joy, unexpected money in the mail, pain, tears, joy.Looking at selling the house and moving yet again.God is good.

  3. We miss you guys! It was great to read your update. Let us know next time you’re in town!

  4. First time reading your blog, Chris. Enjoyed your teaching on Wednesday nights at Monterey in Lubbock. My wife is hooteewho. We have a number of employment options … that drives me crazy! It like, OK, Lord. You know we want to be IN Your will. Make it very plain and clear to us. I’m sure you can relate. Regarding friends lost and found … while I tend to be a very loyal friend to people, I find that the reverse is not always the case. Karen and I find that when we have low or no expectations of people we get hurt less. Not saying it should be that way and not saying I am right. It was something we decided on due to necessity. May God continue to bless your adventures with Him more and more each day. You are a gifted teacher and no doubt will bless your students more than they will know until they are grown and reflect back. (Did that last statement make sense … ?) Until next time …

  5. Chris, you, Angela and the rest of your family have been in my prayers and will remain in my prayers. Where are you living now? I would love to get together with you guys and catch up or at the very least laugh and cry with you! I’ve tried to call you, but only have your old phone numbers. I love you guys and think of you often! ~Susan Bachman

  6. Hey dude, I thought you gave up the blogging so I quit checking. This one is great. I look forward to changing your golf habbits in June.

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