Grace Moments

There are small spaces in my day that are filled with grace.  These glimpses into the heart of God fill my lungs with fresh air and give me the strength to face life East of Eden.  While the rest of the world goes on about its pell-mell pace, I enter into these spaces with awe and a stillness that can only come from God.  He meets me there and bids me to take off my shoes for a while and let my toes feel the coolness of holy ground.

The sad truth is that I realize that all of life is holy, but I only really feel it during my forays into those small spaces.  At the end of the day when my head is rushing with thoughts of the days events and planning tomorrow, it is those spaces that I have to remember to keep me grounded…centered…human.  Because it’s in those spaces that I’m truly alive.

I don’t know where God meets you during a day’s time.  Maybe you’re a gardener who becomes unraveled by the beauty of a rose.  You may be charged with being a caretaker for the frail, weak body that contains the spirit of someone that you love, and during those times when you can see through the weak exterior to the life beneath you know that God is smiling at you. 

For me it comes when I’m sitting at my computer working away at some project and a little boy comes and crawls in my lap.  He’s there to make some vitally important request like, "Can you change the channel for me," or, "Can you get me some chocolate milk?"  But when he gets up there (whether he’s the 7-year-old or the smaller version) we take just a minute, I put my face as close to his hair as I can get, and I breathe deeply.  It’s in that moment that I remind him how much I love him…and it’s in that moment that I’m reminded of how much I’m loved. 

Those spaces are worth more to me than anything.  I know that one day they’ll change.  God will have to find another way to send me his grace memos because I’ll have kids big enough for me to crawl up in their laps!  But for now, He keeps me going through the rest of the day with those small moments of grace. 

I hope that I’ll always be open to those moment…and I pray that you’ll find a few too!


~ by Chris Green on August 5, 2006.

One Response to “Grace Moments”

  1. Lovely thoughts Chris…my sweet triplets do that for me now…but so do does the moon and the setting sun.

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